Roadmap to 1.3

Now in the final stretch for 1.3.0! This includes gamepad- and keyboard-friendly UI navigation and focus, remappable both in-game and in the pre-game area. UX improvements for gamepad players in particular like automatic highlighting  of Try Again or Continue after a run and never having to touch the mouse at all. Additionally, a number of refinements to the new UI theme both visually and technically.

I expect to have it ready for upload here within a week.. maybe by the end of the month, but you know how game dev goes. Subsequent point releases will improve whatever needs improving about the new features and clear up any reported issues (in addition to whatever preliminary stuff towards 1.4).

Edit: November 27th, 2022. It's mostly done now thanks to related code coming together more smoothly than expected, so I'm scratching a number of other things off my list today, testing/playing through everything after that and should have it up by Monday morning (28th). Also has performance improvements :)


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UI navigation by keyboard and gamepad is now available (as of 1.3.0).