Updated -> 1.2.6

Today's update includes the idea my roadmap devlog was about a few days ago. As of now, it's much easier to play without a mouse - simply hit the collect/grapple/fire button while 1 or more icons are lit up on the new area above the compass. This will auto-collect the item or grapple whichever is currently closest to the center of the view, without having to aim at it first (usually done with mouse or analog stick).

Also as planned, if you still want to aim manually, just play the same as always. The reticle will now disappear after not moving for 1 second or longer, except when holding down the button, which will keep it open (so you can drag over any number of items to collect them all at once). In other words, if the reticle is visible, the specific aimed-at item is collected - otherwise, it's automatic when pressing the button based on what icons are lit up in the new area. The icons which are mostly transparent are either obstructed (behind something) or still too far away to grab. Aiming manually gives a slight range advantage for collecting items, but grapple points/rails are grabbable from the same distance either way. 

What I didn't do (vs. roadmap):
- Checkpoint indicators are not shown in this new area of the HUD. This is deliberate, as the grapple points and items are things you can "grab", but checkpoints aren't, so they didn't belong. They are still displayed on the compass.
- The lines in the middle rotate based on roll instead of horizon. So if you're tipping far left almost rolling over, they're almost vertical with the point facing left. I tried with horizon first, but having them leaning right while you're leaning left just looked.. wrong. I may still add a thin line to indicate the horizon when I revisit this again (or at random).

A few other minor revisions, not really worth a mention.. except that a rail on Tropical 1A which went missing recently is back.

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