This title is intended for gaming desktops/laptops only (mobile is not supported).

Updated to 1.4.15 on December 1st, 2023.


  • 28 races - each direction along 14 unique roads of 8 worlds.
  • Achieve simple objectives to reach 100% completion of each world.
  • Grapple rails for additional speed and breeze through impossibly sharp turns.
  • Instantly flip wheels down if barrel rolling etc.  without losing momentum.
  • Retry any race instantly with no loading screens (Backspace->Try Again).
  • Gamepads/joysticks are supported (and recommended). There are in-game features for controller assignment, remapping and calibration.
  • Deferred Multiplayer. Race against other players by adding them from any in-game leaderboard. Optionally climb the ranks and let others compete against replays of your best attempts by creating a free (and anonymous) profile.

Gameplay videos for 100% completion of each world:

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