Updated -> 1.1.0

Today's update adds a Time Trial mode to all 28 routes. These have their own leaderboards - the faster you reach the finish line, the better your rank. While racing against other players in Time Trial, indicated placement is based on whoever's ahead (vs. the Classic mode of Casual Racing, which is based on accumulation of points - by hitting checkpoints with the most time remaining possible, reaching objectives and collecting tolls). In addition, several more BGM were added and any significant issues noticed while testing since 1.0.27 was released were resolved.

The next update will further refine BGM systems and should bring the total up to 29, including the menu default (in other words enough that a new one can be unlocked by each road). A few random improvements are planned as well, including headlights being slightly more powerful and turning on earlier in the evenings, along with cleaning up some errant terrain geometry.

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