Updated -> 1.1.5

New since the previous devlog (not counting random fixes/changes),

  • Players may pick the corner style for the UI (rounded or square), The slider is in Options->Other.
  • Players may create a playlist of unlocked BGM. See Options->Audio->Customize BGM. Anything newly unlocked gets added automatically.
  • While playing, hold the Next BGM (or Prev BGM) button down to change source between "Found In World", "Playlist" and "Any Unlocked".
  • Added a number of related options (play random from selected source, or always play the default one for each race, etc.).
  • Soundtrack is pretty much complete for now (28 total), but a few more will be added and/or replaced.

Next I'll be focusing on the bottom left area of the screen during gameplay - the players list looks too UI-ish (vs. HUD-ish) and sometimes it's glitchy in Time Trial mode, so it's due for an overhaul.. like an entirely different look and having the order sorted by current position etc.

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