This title is intended for gaming desktops/laptops only (mobile is not supported).

Updated to 0.5.18 on December 1st, 2023.

"Bagged!" is a lawnmowing prototype/WIP I created in 2022. Controls are simple - by default, WASD to move and when you fill up a bag, hold left mouse button to boost.  Also can hold down middle mouse button to turn in place (turn the mower without moving forward). Controls are remappable and gamepads are supported.

Mow efficiently to increase the combo gauge. Efficiency momentum is lost by mowing places you've already mowed (or dirt, the street, out of bounds, etc.), and lost even more quickly by mowing through flowers/gardens.

This game features Deferred Multiplayer - creating a profile is free and anonymous. Sign in to compete on the leaderboard and let others play alongside a replay of your best attempt. Players from Casual Racing and/or Tower Offense may use their existing profile here.

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